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img_titleSâm-Linh chi / Thuốc bổ / Viên tăng cường mọc tóc và chống rụng tóc Nhật kurotsuyakomachi - Gói 60 viên


Viên tăng cường mọc tóc và chống rụng tóc Nhật kurotsuyakomachi - Gói 60 viên

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Taewoong Food, Hàn Quốc

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Black Gloss Komachi Black Hair Supplement Biotin biotin Black Sesame Black Ukon Black Ginger Camellia Oil Biotin Supplement Sesamin Black Hair biotin Black Sesame Black Ukon Black Ginger Camellia Oil White Hair Domestic Supplement for Troublesome Dyeing Black Gloss Komachi Free Shipping Always Coco Point Digestion
Revived black luster ・ Hari ・ Koshi I want to keep shining brightly every day
, not temporarily.
Inner care is important for "glossiness"!
In Kuro-gloss Komachi, in addition to the four major black-gloss ingredients that support inner care
, black sesame, biotin, black ginger,and camellia oil
, nine types of
amino acidsand minerals
are luxuriously blended! !!
- ... it can be seen above the real ageHari gloss be ... not enough... but quickly become white becomes black in, temporarilyvery ... to consider the balance of-meal
and cause What are the factors?Do you really think age is the cause?
In order to answer the desire to regain the original brilliance of black,
Kuro Gloss Komachicontains carefully selected ingredients that emphasize the process of approaching black luster, firmness, and elasticity ! !!
[Four major components of black luster]-Biotin (repair growth)Biotin is also known as vitamin B7 and is an important component for repair.Supports tension.
・ Black ginger (recycled production)It is rich in flavonoids and many more amino acids help deliver nutrition.
・ Black sesame (prevention improvement)Vitamin E and sesamin, which are rich in calcium and have a synergistic effect with minerals, protect healthy, thick black and luster.
・Supports and expands camellia oil (moisturizing repair) circulation to support moisturization and strength.
Four carefully selected ingredients because we emphasized basic care that is not temporary!
The original beauty is from [fundamental care].
In addition,
6 kinds of black glossy ingredients are added !
・ ZincOne of the minerals needed for the body.An essential ingredient for black luster.
・ Itis the lowest part of seaweeds such as kelp, and has a very high nutritional value.Black ・ Gives elasticity and elasticity that are indispensable for luster.
・ Deep ocean water mineralsRich in minerals necessary to support the foundation of firm luster from the inside.
・ L-lysine hydrochlorideOne of the essential amino acid components that promote tissue repair and growth, and is indispensable for producing and nurturing firmness and elasticity.
・ L-Arginine Itis abundant in lean meat, fish and soybeans.An important ingredient that does not grow black and gloss without it.
・ VitaminA nutritional ingredient that is indispensable as a lubricant that supports health.
It is very difficult to get this amount of nutrition in the diet ...
Kurogane Komachi condenses these nutritional components tightly!
This commitment has the highest approval rating (according to our research). The
glossy and firm experience
1 that everyone envy in Kuro-Gloss Komachi, and the 4 major ingredients of Kuro-Glossare blended. The 4 major ingredients that emphasize the process are blended.
2. Double approach with carefully selected positive ingredients Inaddition to the four major ingredients, there is no compromise on the positive ingredients.It promotes a more real feeling.
3. Approach to the rootInstead of superficial measures such as hair coloring , a fundamental approach from the inside that nurtures thick and healthy black and luster.

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Storage Method: Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool and dark place.Manufacture: GMP certified factoryname in Japan : Black ginger, biotin-containing processed foodContents: 27g / 60 grainsIngredients: Saflower oil (made in Japan), soybean peptide, black sesame paste, black ginger extract powder, zinc yeast, niacin powder, camellia seed extract powder, deep sea water powder / gelatin, glycerin, L -Lydin hydrochloride, glycerin fatty acid ester, beeswax, L-arginine, caramel pigment, VC, niacin, VE, Ca bantothenate, biotin, V.B6, V.B1, V.B2, VA, VD, folic acid, (1) (Including soybeans, sesame, and gelatin)Expiration date: Described on the packageAdvertising censure: Growth canvas Co., Ltd. 092-406-7231Manufacturer name: Growth canvas Co., Ltd. 3-10-9 Otemon, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka PrefectureCategory:Country of manufacture of health foods  : Japan